Summer Babywearing

Need help choosing a wrap for the heat? Not sure where to start? Live in a super warm climate and feel confused by all the choices? Look no further. I've organized my favorite wraps ( and a few ring slings) for the heat, and when I say heat I should mention its June in south Alabama, most days its about 90 * with 70-80% humidity and with a feels like temp of 102. This isn't even that hot yet, August is when it gets really awesome. Anyway, I will be sympathizing with all you hot climate babywearers. I should also mention shorter wraps ( sizes 2-4) will always we cooler. Less fabric, less heat. I love to use shorties when its awful, and ring slings most the time. My favorite ring sling when it is really really hot is my Sakura Bloom Classic. I hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you need any more help. Also keeping the baby's face hidden from the sun is crucial, especially in those early days when they can't wear sunscreen, Urban Baby Bonnets make the BEST hats.

Have fun shopping!!

 - Maggie

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