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We know reviews are a huge part of the online shopping experience.  And when it comes to the wide world of babywearing gear, it really helps to get input from your fellow wrappers and slingers.  You want to know how supportive a particular wrap might be, whether it's great for warm weather, how easy it is to tie.  We've added a reviews feature to our site to try to help you help each other, and us as well!  If the customer reviews here doesn't answer your questions and curiosities, call or shoot us an email any time... Thanks for shopping with us!

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Happy Baby Carrier - honey

Purple Elm were super fast getting my order to me. There was a handsigned thank you card and they also took time to e-mail me separately from their typical receipt e-mail to say thank you when I placed the order. The Happy Baby Carrier is amazing like I knew it would be! Best price I could find online! Very soft and comfy. 🍯

Happy Baby Carrier Sea Striped

Ordering my carrier through Phone Elm Baby was a simple, easy, fast process. Next time I need something baby related I will be looking at Purple Elm Baby first! Thank you!!


My questions in my purchase were answered quickly and once ordered my wrap arrived promptly. Would definitely use Purple Elm again!

Super easy and comfortable

This carrier works just as I had hoped! It’s lightweight, super quick and easy to put on, and I love that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a harness! The color is gorgeous too. Exactly as it looks in the picture.

Lightweight and supportive

The colors are bold and kind of moody all at the same time. The weave is on the thinner side, but it’s supportive without feeling like it digs. It’s the perfect size to keep in my bag. It doesn’t get as small as a linen sling, but for cotton, it’s nice and compact. I mainly carry my 16lb, 5 month old in it, but it’s comfortable with my 33lb toddler as well.

Comfy, Supportive, & Beautiful!

I bought this carrier because I needed more support than what my ring sling provides while wearing my 21lb 5-month-old (& I love linen!). I’m so pleased with it! My baby loves taking looong naps in it, my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore, & I can even throw my 3-year-old in it when I need to! Two thumbs way, way up. (Also, the shipping was super fast! Thanks, Maggie!)


I’m very satisfied with my recent purchase! Not only did it ship out fast the owner is also very sweet.

Urban Baby Bonnet Prance


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Loved it so much, I bought it again

My husband lost our first Free To Grow. I love trying new carriers out, but I decided to go with another Free To Grow. It’s comfortable, matches everything, easily adjustable for both my husband and I who are very different sizes from each other.

I have a special needs son and this is gonna open up so much for us. We can get so many more places and I can be hands free.

Gorgeous Wrap!

Once again, this was a great experience buying a wrap from Purple Elm Baby. Fast and efficient purchasing and delivery and the wrap is just gorgeous!

Soul sling full buckle

Ordered the house sample and it is so perfect! Arrived in three days to Wisconsin! Couldn’t be happier

Gave as a gift.....

Bought it for my daughter-in-law, she loved it & was exactly what she expected it to be.....

very good service

I bought it from Italy to be shipped in USA, they delivered it in 3 days...a wonderful service!!

Ava Teething Necklace

Review of Boba X Denim Rain Purchased from Purple Elm

I can’t say enough good about this carrier or the service from Purple Elm. First, the carrier. I have a 6mo and a VERY active toddler. I love my ring slings, but I needed something equally quick but a little more secure for when we’re on the go. I’ve never been a big fan of buckle carriers, but this one changed my mind. Some of the features I love - the fit is very comfortable for both me and my little one. It is very easy to customize...I made the initial adjustments in the car on our way to a fairly loud gathering...popped my little one in when we got there and she was comfortable enough to take a good 45 min snooze. I was also very comfortable. I have found other buckle carriers to be bulky, but this was ajustable to my small frame perfectly. The straps on the shoulders to hold a purse were strong enough to hold the diaper bag when my toddler made a break for it. The color is a lovely blue-grey and goes well with just about everything. I ordered it on a Thursday, it arrived on Saturday, and it has been in use every day since. Maggie was incredibly helpful in helping me to decide on a color and in giving me an idea how this would fit on my fairly slight frame.

Great product and equally great customer service!

So happy with the carrier cover! It’s beautifully made and kept baby and I very warm and cozy since my jacket doesn’t close over the both of us. Delivery was super quick and Maggie was lovely to do business with.

Great weight, color, price, and service!

This wrap looks just like the picture. I love being able to have the rainbow colors without it being too bold/bright. It’s also pretty soft right out of the bag and has been easy to break in, feeling softer after each use (plus some additional braiding and using as a blanket when not wearing as a wrap). I’ve only washed it once thus far, but I’m sure it’ll feel even softer after with the next wash. I’m 5’ and weigh 130 lbs with a small-ish 4 mo and the size 3 has been a good length for basic carries. I also love that it’s fairly lightweight yet feels sturdy holding my little one. If you’re looking for an easy, lower priced wrap without too much bulk, this is a great choice. When it’s time for a longer wrap I’ll definitely go for this brand again. The shipping was quick too!

Girasol Mojave Woven Baby Sling

Maggie was so helpful in helping me get the wrap that I was looking for. I love this wrap and will happily be doing business with Purple Elm Baby again!

Cozy cover for Ergo/Boba etc

We love this baby carrier cover we just received. Baby feels cozy out and about in our Vermont winter temps. It’s easy to throw on quickly. Shipping was very fast.

Awesome customer service and gorgeous wraps

This is my second time purchasing from Purple Elm Baby, and it won’t be my last. Maggie was so helpful with answering my questions and she even hand washed my new wool wrap for me because I don’t have the room to dry it flat in my house. I love my new Didymos Grande Carbon and it will be a go-to this winter. Thanks again, Maggie!


i was hoping the wool would be super soft, but it's got some prickle to it

Natibaby Midnight Supernova NatiGo

the wrap is beautiful, lightweight and extremely secure. everyone at purple elm baby was so helpful advising on sizing and sourcing what i needed. thank you!