Exclusive Girasol Calypso Woven Wrap

$145.00 USD

In Greek mythology, Calypso is daughter of the god Atlas. In Homer's Odyssey, Calypso holds Odysseus captive on her island, enchanting him with her singing as she weaves at her loom. Our exclusive Girasol Calypso design is a 'child' of our Atlas woven pattern: a production mix-up led to unexpected changes in the original Atlas color layout. The result is this wonderful new pattern in the same eye-catching colors, with the same hand-woven quality and excellent craftsmanship inherent in all Girasol carriers. An extra-exclusive exclusive!

Please note that this product includes a seconds-quality option. In Girasol's terms, these items have excessively visible weft bands scattered throughout. See the additional close-up photo for details. Those of you who love the handwoven aspect of Girasol's carriers might consider this a bonus! The lower price doesn't hurt either. ;)

Handwoven in Guatemala

100% cotton
Turquoise weft

double weft 307 g/m2

standard weave 208 g/m2

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