Exclusive Girasol Mercado Dark Blue Weft Woven Wrap

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When we lived in NYC we LOVED going to all of the farmers' markets. But once we moved to Alabama, we really missed those giant markets with all their amazing colors! We designed this wrap with fond memories of those farmers' markets and all the colorful produce. The Exclusive Girasol Mercado Rainbow reflects the many colors we'd find ourselves gazing upon throughout the seasons. We hope you love our newest exclusive design as much as we loved strolling about in New York City's farmers' markets!

 Standard Weave

100% Cotton

Blue Weft

Handwoven in Guatemala

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beth W. B.W. Beth W.
Amazing customer service

I has written in only part of my address and didn't notice it until the shipping notification and I emailed right away and they remedied it very quickly and the item arrived right on time! I was very impressed. Product is great and exactly as described. Would definitely buy from again!

Nanci k. N.k. Nanci k.

My Mercado Rainbow with dark blue weft arrived about 2 weeks ago and my 6 month old and I have been loving it! It's well on its way to being broken in and I'll love it even more then :) Baby even likes to cuddle with it in her car seat and when I'm nursing her to sleep -- multipurpose! ;)

Krystal F. K.F. Krystal F.
Beautiful and Easy To Wrap

This wrap is gorgeous and so easy to wrap with even without breaking in. I'm a newbie and this is my first new wrap. I'm in love! There will definitely be more Girasol wraps in our future!!! And Purple Elm Baby and Maggie's customer service is amazing.

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