Natibaby Nebula Tula Carrier Conversion Awesomeness

Posted on April 15 2016

Natibaby Nebula Tula Carrier ConversionTry not to freak out: this is a picture of a Natibaby Nebula Tula Carrier conversion. This is not a trick. This is real life. And there are only a handful of these ultra-rare beauties in the known Universe, and Tula has released theirs already so... these are the last ones. We are offering TWO PURCHASE SLOTS to sell these half-wrap *standard size* carrier conversions to two lucky humans. The carriers will be sold for $270 each. (This is NOT a giveaway. Sorry!) How will we choose these two good-fortuned people? We’re having a random drawing from a pool of valid entrants on Friday, April 22nd. That’s right: National Earth Day. (What better way to celebrate the Earth than to release a space-themed Tula conversion?) We're having our random drawing from the pool of valid entrants on MONDAY, APRIL 25th (instead of Friday) because of the flurry of requests and demands from so many busy parents (oh, we get it...BELIEVE US). The two randomly selected people will have 24 hours to purchase. If either fails to do so, we will draw again, and give someone else a chance, until both carriers are sold. Would YOU like to be one of those TWO people? Well, that’s pretty easy. Please do the following things (if you've done some already, make sure to do them *all*):

Deadline for entry is Friday, April 22nd MONDAY, APRIL 25TH at 3 PM CST. The drawing will take place immediately afterward, and we will announce the selected entrants at approximately 4 PM CST. Be sure to pay attention to our FB page around that time to see if you are selected! You’d hate to lose your purchase slot…

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for your participation!

P.S. Oops, almost forgot the official contest rules: this "contest" is solely run by Purple Elm Baby, and has no official endorsement or association with Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We reserve the right to draw a new entrant if we suspect someone's trying to pull a fast one on us. Tula sets the prices for the carriers, not us. Only one entry per person, please. And remember, this isn't a giveaway. If you've got any other questions just shoot us an email. Thanks!