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Babywearing is a gigantic universe of equipment, skills, styles and opinions. And when it comes to spending money, babies, and spending money on babies, there are a lot of questions that need answering. We get it--we are parents, too! So while we probably can't think of every single question you'll ever have, here are some answers to questions we get asked a lot.

Shopping For Your First Wrap?

Not sure where to start? We have a blog post on this topic. Bottom line, find one you LOVE and it will most likely be great. We have some loose guidelines if you want a little more help.

Diving into Wovens- Purple Elm Baby Blog Post


Baby Carriers

What Size Wrap Do I Need?

Woven wraps come in a variety of sizes and it can be difficult to know what size to get. For beginners a size 6 (4.6 meter) wrap will give the wrapper plenty of fabric to learn with. As you get a little better at wrapping your baby you may discover that you have a lot of " tail" or extra fabric. Shorter wraps are still incredibly versatile, but may require a better wrap, often shorter wraps use a single layer of fabric to hold your baby, and if the fabric isn't wrapped properly it may not be as secure. 

Carries by Size

Short: sizes 1-3
Shorter wraps (“shorties”) are great for quick, single-layer carries including:  Rebozo Carry, Hip Cross Carry, Short Front Cross Carry, Short Back Cross Carry, Ruck Tied in Front, Ruck Tied Under Bum, Ruck Tied At Shoulder, Double Hammock Rebozo, Half Jordan’s Back Carry, Torso Carry and Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck.

Mid-Length: sizes 4-5
Ruck Tied in Front, Reinforced Ruck, Jordan’s Back Carry, Giselle’s Back Carry, Poppin’s Hip Carry, Robin’s Hip Carry, Secure High Back Carry, Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry, Double Hammock Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder Tied Under Bottom, Hip Cross Carry, Back Wrap Cross Carry, Kangaroo Carry, Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum, Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder, Wendy’s Double Hammock, Double Hammock Tied Under Bum, and Front Cross Carry.  Some wearers can also use these sizes for Ruck Tied Tibetan, and Double Hammock Tied Under Bum.

Long: sizes 6-8
Front Wrap Cross Carry, Front Cross Carry, Back Wrap Cross Carry with a Chest Belt, Double Hammock Tied in Front, Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder, and Robin’s Hip Carry Tied at Back.


How Do I Wash My Wrap or Sling?

Cotton woven wraps and slings can be washed with similar colors with liquid detergent (without optical brighteners) and put in the dryer on low heat. With each wash your wrap or sling will begin to soften up. If you ring sling is making an awful racket in the dryer,  some like to put in a lingerie sack or pillowcase.

Linen wraps should be washed on cool as hot wash will shrink the linen. 30 degrees C is a common temp recommendation for linen. Tumble dry low heat.

Silk can be machine washed IF YOU HAVE A DELICATE CYCLE. Otherwise stick to hand washing these pretties. These do not go in the dryer, and should dry flat and out of direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

Wool woven wraps need slightly more care as you need to avoid felting the wool. One should use a wool wash, or some recommend a gentle baby shampoo, and hand wash in the bath with tepid water- careful that the water is not too hot or too cold. Place the wrap on towels and roll to remove extra water. Do not squeeze. Lie flat.

What do the ring sling sizes mean?

Ring sling sizes are based upon the length of the woven wrap used to make the sling, which can vary slightly between manufacturers. As a general rule I usually recommend that people purchase ring slings based on their t shirt size.  Of course anyone can wear any size sling, it just comes down to preference of the " tail" length. The tail is the fabric that dangles from the rings. Some prefer a long tail, while others find a long tail cumbersome. Here are some average lengths used to make the different ring sling sizes:

    • small: 1.7-1.9 m  (66-74 inches)
    • medium: 2.0 m    (78 inches)
    • large: 2.25 m      (88.5 inches)

What is a "House Sample"?

Often I like to try wraps to see how they feel and see how I like them, helping me to choose the wrap that best suits for you. These wraps are all in excellent used condition, often tried on very briefly before washing and then washed in a gentle liquid detergent and then tried again post wash- very important. I fold them neatly and place them back in the box. These wraps are excellent idea for the inpatient mama, who wants her wraps to arrive ready to wear. They are usually priced with a slight mark down.


Do you offer layaway?

Yep, we sure do. These are our terms:

  • 20% initial down payment due up front. Remaining balance plus a $5 layaway fee to be paid in full within 2 months (60 days) from original invoice date.
  • Layaway deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. We will send out unpaid layaway invoices at the end of the 60 days, if it goes unpaid for 48 hrs we will cancel it, and your reserved item will be available for someone else to purchase. Your deposit will not be refunded. 
  • Please email me ( when you are ready to make a payment and I can resend you your adjusted invoice. Layaway cannot be combined with other coupon codes. If you have a military discount you would like to add, you will need to make a note in your order and I will adjust your invoice before sending it out for the final payment. Use the coupon code: LAYAWAY at check out.

Product Questions

What are 'nubs and slubs' 

This question relates to our hand-woven products:  Up in the mountains of Guatemala, highly skilled artisans use traditional Mayan methods on large wooden looms to create these beautiful fabrics.  Because of this, you will commonly find several instances of small 'imperfections' in the fabric such as yarn pulls, tiny knots, or little hangs of short yarn commonly referred to as "nubs and slubs".

Please understand that this is the nature of a handwoven fabric, as the yarn used has a beginning and an end, unlike the continuous threads that an industrial factory would create.  We consider them as badges of honor, and reminders of the hard work that an individual put into making these works of art.  Each ring sling or woven wrap created from these fabrics is unique, with its own life story that may dovetail with your own...

Its not just hand wovens that can have imperfections. There are plenty of imperfections that can come from machine wovens too. This Blog Post from Kokoro Textiles is very thorough in explaining these imperfections.



Can I transfer my pre-order to someone else?

No, we do not transfer pre-orders. Doing so creates too many opportunities for mistakes in shipping, payment processing, refunds, returns, etc. We don't want our customers to have negative experiences shopping with us (whether it's the person who placed a pre-order or the one who adopted it).

Discount Codes

Can I use discount codes for anything in the store?

Some of our vendors enforce pricing agreements which do not allow us to have a "perpetual" discount on their products. We make our best effort to indicate on the product descriptions those items which cannot have a discount code applied. Please understand that we cannot violate those terms or we run the risk no longer being able to sell the brand in our store. In some cases we may contact you have placed an order and used a discount code on a product that we are not allowed to discount. Thank you for your understanding. :)

Refund Policy 

Please return your item within 14 days of original purchase date in original package for a full refund. Wrap/ carrier must have original package and tags attached and be unworn/ unwashed. 

Rewards Program

You can read the terms of our rewards program here. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us directly via email. Please keep in mind that discount codes (from the Rewards program or otherwise) cannot be combined. Certain store-wide sales also cannot be combined with discount codes (e.g. Black Friday sale).


Our "refer-a-friend" program is simple: members in our Rewards Program can earn additional points when friends accept special offers shared via social media and email. The points will only be added to a member's account if the person who accepts the special offer does so using the link in the share offer. Points may be redeemed for rewards according to the terms noted here. The specific number of points earned will be explained alongside the share link. If you have any questions, just send us an email.