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Rewards Program Terms

Welcome to the Purple Elm Baby Rewards program--you can get 100 free welcome points just for signing up! Keep reading to learn how to earn valuable points you can use for purchases in our store...


Getting Started

Not yet a member? Here's how to get started:

  • tap here to sign up for a Purple Elm Baby store account with your name and email address (if you've shopped with us before, enter the address used to make your purchases)
  • after successfully signing up, tap on the pink Purple Elm Baby Rewards tab at the bottom of the site to review your points and learn how the program works
  • new accounts get 100 free welcome points added automatically
  • missing points for previous purchases or pre-orders? just shoot us an email and request assistance

Already have an account? Log in with your store account and tap the pink Rewards tab for account details, referral links, etc.

Program Terms

  • every dollar (USD) spent on merchandise in our store is worth 1 point
  • exchange points for rewards within your account
  • rewards are valid for items in our Discount Code collection only, which excludes certain brands due to restrictions put in place by the manufacturers--at this time the brands restricted from discount codes include: Happy Baby
  • rewards offered are subject to change; you must redeem your points for the specific reward you want when it is offered to retain that reward
  • money spent on taxes and shipping do not qualify for points
  • buying a gift card does NOT qualify for points
  • spending a gift card DOES qualify for points
  • you MUST sign up for an account in our store to participate in the program and use your points
  • discount codes may not be used during store-wide sales (e.g. Black Friday sale)
  • discount codes cannot be combined--only one may be used per order (e.g. a reward discount code cannot be used on the same order as a sale discount code)


    Bonus points may be rewarded during promotions or for specified activities. Order cancellations or refunds will result in an equivalent deduction of earned points. 

    We reserve the right to cancel or change the terms of our Rewards program as needed. But don't worry, we're reasonable people! We strive to improve our customers' experience in our store, and that's what this program is meant to do. If we find an even better way to do that, then things will evolve. :)