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As a mother with a background in fine arts ( printmaking major), it made sense that I was drawn to the beautiful weaves of woven wraps. The colors, patterns and textures are amazing! Living in NYC, babywearing was necessary for practical reasons. Frank and I were living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn when I was pregnant with my first; Evelyn was due in mid December.

We lived about a mile from the subway. Not sure if you've ever tried to push a stroller through the snow, but it’s pretty ridiculous! Not to mention I had spent lots of time caring for other people’s babies/children as a nanny, and I knew I wasn’t going to carry a stroller up the subway steps. So I researched baby-wearing options during my pregnancy, and decided to get a stretchy wrap: a Boba Wrap.

I registered for a ring sling on my baby shower list and was given an old Ergo from my sister-in-law. The first time I wore my baby I remember thinking, “This is the most amazing thing!” I loved how it made my life so much easier. I
 was hooked. When my baby outgrew the stretchy wrap, I bought a woven wrap from a local babywearing store after trying nearly everything they had. I loved wraps! They were so comfortable and BEAUTIFUL.

We moved down to Alabama when Evelyn was 4 months. About a year later, we started a local babywearing group (Gulf Coast Babywearers for those that are local). And in the summer of 2012, we launched the Purple Elm Baby website and were open for business! It seemed like the perfect way for me to bridge my two loves: babies and art. We have had so much fun growing this store and our community with you. I'm proud to be a part of the resurgence of babywearing in our modern culture. At Purple Elm Baby, we hope we can help you find the carrier you are seeking so that you can be free to fully enjoy time with your family.   --Maggie, Frank, Evelyn & Lucy