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Vanamo Collection

Vanamo is a high quality woven baby wrap designed and produced by Wearababy in Finland. The fabric is made from safe natural fibers: soft organic cotton, fluffy natural merino wool and high quality European linen. The woven baby wrap is perhaps the most versatile and convenient of all baby carriers: you can start using the wrap right after birth and the same wrap will be useful as long as the child needs to be carried. Woven wrap is suitable for many different needs and there are several ways for wrapping on front, hip and back carry.

The Vanamo wraps are all diagonally stretchy. The fabric adapts well while wrapping and the wrap gives optimal support for the baby and the parent. We offer several different fabric types to choose from. Under each Vanamo product you can find a short description of the special features of each fabric type and some tips for the usage.


What kind of baby wrap is Vanamo?


Vanamo baby wrap is an ecological and ethical product: we use materials that are produced in Europe (cotton, wool, linen) and the weaving takes place at a small weaving mill in Southern Finland. The finishing of the baby wraps is made by local seamstress.

Our ambition is to offer high quality and special woven wraps to meet the needs of a demanding customer. The fabrics and weaving patterns are carefully designed to make the first-class baby wraps. We do not want to make compromises with the manufacture - only the best materials and production methods are used.

Vanamo collection offers both joyful and brightly colored wraps and classical looks for elegant style. You can find a suitable baby wrap for different taste, mood and occasion. The quality of threads, weaving pattern, density and thickness of the fabric all have an effect on the functionality of the baby wrap. Vanamo collection provides many types of baby wraps that differ in the materials, weaving pattern and thickness.

Baby wraps made with 100 % cotton are easygoing and good basic carriers. The cotton Vanamo wraps are medium thick or thick quality. If you feel like there are too many options and choosing the right baby wrap is difficult, the medium thick cotton wrap is a good choice: it is soft and easy to tie with a newborn and also supportive enough for a toddler.

The thinner cotton-linen wraps are comfortable and cool in warm weather and the thick cotton-linen wraps are very supportive with a heavy toddler. Vanamo with merino wool has a unique and special feel: wool gives the wrap extra flexibility and the fabric is still supportive. Woolen wrap is warm at chilly weather, and it's wonderfully soft for a newborn.


The designing of Vanamo wrap

Each Vanamo wrap is a result of a long and careful designing process. Our aim is to make excellent baby wraps and every baby wrap type is unique. We look for ideas for the wrap designs at the rich Scandinavian nature, the Finnish national tradition and myths.

The designing process is usually based on our own vision. But we will get help from the professional textile designers and artists (KH-Design, Karkelo). They make a series of suggestions and we will pick the most suitable design for the manufacture. The new design has to fulfill the requirements technically as well as visually. Some baby wrap samples are made and we test them and do the experimental washing. With the help of the weaving master we choose the optimal density and thickness for the fabric.


Ethical production & ecological materials

Vanamo baby wrap is made entirely in Finland: the fabric is produced at the weaving mill of Kultavilla and also the sewing work is done locally. Many parts of the manufacturing process requires hand work and the baby wraps are weaved in small batches. We use good quality GOTS certified organic cotton from a German spinning mill, European linen (Masters of Linen) and soft merino wool from German manufacturer. All weaving threads are certified according to the Öko-tex 100 which ensures that they do not contain harmful chemicals.


Washing and care

All Vanamo wraps are machine washable. We recommend washing the baby wrap before starting to use it because the fabric will obtain the optimal density and thickness after the first wash. Some wraps may feel stiff when they are new - specially the thick linen wraps - and with washing and using they will become softer.

The recommended washing temperature for the 100 % cotton wraps is warm 40 degrees of celsius (104 F). The cotton-linen wraps are also washed at 40 C. The cotton-wool wraps can be washed at cold 30 C (86 F) temperature in a wool cycle. Use only small amount of liquid washing detergent. For the cotton-wool Vanamo use washing detergent suitable for delicates or wool. The fabric softeners are not recommended.

Hang-dry on a clothesline. You can use a tumble dryer at cool temperature for the cotton and cotton-linen wraps and it will make them wonderfully soft. But please remember that frequent tumble drying will wear out the fabric faster. Do not put a wrap containing wool into tumble dryer!

The cotton and cotton-linen wraps can be ironed at medium hot or hot temperature and the cotton-wool wraps at the coldest temperature. Ironing with steam will soften up the fabric nicely and it is specially recommended for the cotton-linen wraps.