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Girasol Atlas Woven Wrap
Girasol Atlas Woven Wrap
Girasol Atlas Woven Wrap

Exclusive Girasol Atlas Woven Wrap

$70.00 USD


In Greek mythology, Atlas is known for bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. Babywearers know this feeling quite well! Our new exclusive Girasol Atlas woven wrap celebrates the honor we all share in carrying our little ones with us, wrapping our adorable burdens in a gorgeous spectrum of heavenly colors.

While seeking to name this wrap, we asked ourselves what places around the world were painted in these colors. We quickly realized that at different times of day and year, these colors are found everywhere! And the maps that connect us all are bound up in an atlas, just as we bind our babies snuggled up against us using woven wraps. Having these two wonderful metaphors in one name was too good to be true!

The Atlas is woven in both the new cross twill (307 g/m2) and standard weave (208 g/m2) in a turquoise weft.

Handwoven with a turquoise weft.

100% cotton

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice wrap

I'm a long-time babywearer but this is my first woven wrap. I borrowed a Didymos with Lysca from a friend for awhile before buying this wrap. I really enjoy this wrap, but I will say that the Didymos was a little more comfortable as it was thicker so it felt like it had more padding on the shoulders than this wrap does. I think this is a nice light material for being in a warm climate, which is why I bought a lighter wrap, but the thinner material leads to a not-as-cushy wrap.

Diane A.
Great wrap

I actually received a different wrap than the one I ordered! I ordered Girasol Atlas, and got a Calypso instead (the two look very very similar). I didn't mind though because I had originally wanted the Calypso but the website said it had been sold out in the size I wanted. The wrap came fast, was clean, good quality. Despite the difference in the wrap ordered vs received, I was very happy!

Excellent Experience!

I'm so happy with my purchase! Not only did I get a beautiful wrap (exclusive to Purple Elm), but it came with excellent customer service. I was very impressed with the shipping and tracking updates, and the quick delivery! Also, the colors of Atlas are even more beautiful in person. :)