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Urban Baby Bonnet Daydream
Urban Baby Bonnet

Urban Baby Bonnet Daydream

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We are so in love with these hats!! These are beautifully handmade sun hats for your baby. Each hat is made with a great deal of love and attention to detail. We really like the way the corresponding fabrics play with one another. The big, protective brim allows for great sun coverage and discrete breastfeeding.

Each hat is reversible, packable, adjustable, and machine-washable.   Best of all, they're made in the USA!


extra extra small: 14-16", usually fits preemie - 3 months (this bonnet fits newborns)

extra small: 16-17.25”, usually fits 3-6 months

small: 17-18.25”, usually fits 6-12 months

medium: 18-19.25”, usually fits 12-24 months

large: 19-21.25”, usually fits 2-3

extra large: 21”+, usually fits 3t- adult (yes, adult!  the size is flexible enough to snap down to fit a kid and extend out to fit most (but not all) adult heads)

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