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Baby Carrier Sizing Help

Baby carrier sizes can be confusing, but we are here to help! Below we have provided a brief explanation of woven wrap lengths and ring sling sizes.


Almost any sized wrap can be used by any sized person. There are limitations with some lengths depending on your size, but it's good to remember that branching out of your "comfort zone" with a certain size wrap can really broaden your knowledge of carries. Also, many basic carries have an alternate version if you happen to have a shorter wrap. If you need any help finding a carry to use with your new wrap, please feel free to email us, we'd be happy to help!

 ** note: this is a rough estimate based on the fact that most peoples base size is a size 4.6 m wrap, if that that is not the case you size up or size down accordingly


Carries By Length

Short  sizes 1-3:

Short wraps are great for quick single-layer or sometimes double-layer carries. They can be slightly more challenging to some as there as there are fewer passes to secure your baby. But once you have mastered a few long-wrap carries I think you will love these.
Traditional Sling Carry, Hip Cross Carry, Robbins Hip Cross Carry, Coolest Hip Cross Carry, Poppins Hip Carry, Short Front Cross Carry, Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry, Short Wrap Cross Carry, Ruck Tied in Front, Ruck Tied Under Bum, Ruck Tied at Shoulder, Double Hammock Sling Carry, Half Jordans Back Carry, Torso Carry, Reinforced Rear Ruck  Sling Carry, Ruck with a Candy Cane Chest Belt, Front Reinforced Torso Sling Carry,


Mid-length 4-5:

Mid-length wraps are a favorite for many. They can offer you the versatility of a long wrap but you can also use it as a short wrap with longer tails. Many of the favorite long wrap carries have a size 4 or 5 counterpart, i.e. front wrap cross carry can be tied under bum, and double hammock tied at shoulder can be done with a 4 if your base size is 6.


Ruck Tied in Front, Reinforced Ruck, Jordan's Back Carry, Giselle's Back Carry, Poppins Hip Carry, Robin's Hip Carry, Secure High Back Carry, Christina's Ruckless Back Carry, Double Hammock Sling, Shoulder to Shoulder Tied Under Bum, Hip Cross Carry, Short Cross Carry,Back Wrap Cross Carry, Kangaroo Carry, Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum, Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder, Double Hammock Knotless Finish, Front Cross Carry, Front Double Hammock


Long size 6-8:

Front Wrap Cross Carry, Front Cross Carry, Back Wrap Cross Carry with a Chest Belt, Double Hammock Tied in Front, Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder, Robin's Hip Carry Tied in Back, Front Double Hammock


Woven Wrap Sizes

Woven wraps lengths are usually described in meters or by using a system of standard sizes.  Sometimes you will also see their length described in inches, or with one or more nicknames for a particular size. This list illustrates the relationship between all of the descriptions. Please understand that variations in length can occur in production or because of changes in fabrics after they've been washed and dried.


Size 1 = 2.1 meters = 82.7 inches (traditional sling or super shortie)
Size 2 = 2.7 meters = 106.3 inches (shortie)
Size 3 = 3.2 meters = 126 inches (long shortie)
Size 4 = 3.6 meters = 141.7 inches
Size 5 = 4.2 meters = 165.4 inches
Size 6 = 4.6 meters = 181.1 inches
Size 7 = 5.2 meters = 204.7 inches
Size 8 = 5.7 meters = 224.4 inches



Ring Sling Sizes

Not all ring slings come in different sizes, but for those wraps that do come in more than one size, this information should help define them for you:


Small / Medium =1.7 meters = 67 inches (measured to the short side) Fits clothes sizes XS – L
Medium / Large = 2.0 meters (measured to the short side) Fits clothes sizes XL +
Sakura Bloom Ring Slings come in one size: they are generally around 72 inches


 Smaller sized ring slings have a shorter tail length. Some mamas prefer longer tails, so it really just comes down to preference and individual style when choosing a ring sling size. I usually recommend going by your t shirt size- this seems to work well for most.