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Woven Wraps Collection

We sell woven wraps because they're gorgeous, and they make you feel like a babywearing ninja.  You will draw the attention of everyone in the board room, operating room, international terminal, baseball stadium, or cruise ship conga line when wearing one of these impressive babywearing contraptions.  



The Girasol Woven Wraps are out-of-this-universe beautiful.  The colors will make you want to either dance, cry, or burst into song.  It's like you're a two-person parade that never ends when you wear your baby in a Girasol woven wrap.



The Storchenwiege Woven Wraps are perhaps more down to earth than the Girasol wraps, but they're no less beautiful.  Many of them have a pattern woven into the fabric, so that what looks like one color from afar becomes a striking multi-colored pattern up close.  These wraps are easy to pair with a favorite go-to wardrobe item, and they may be easier to match with your skin-tone if that's how you like to do things.