Didymos Lisca Sunrise Woven Wrap

$142.00 USD

New color way for a favorite wrap. Sunrise Lisca you are GORGEOUS!!

Thick Liscas are some very special wraps, cuddly soft, amazing stretch and sooooo much cush. You haven't felt anything quite like a Lisca.

100% cotton

260 g/m2


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Customer Reviews

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Smooshy, soft and strong

The beautiful colour gradation on Lisca Sunrise will catch your eye, but the wrapping qualities of this stunning wrap will capture your heart!
Cushiony and dense, fluffy but strong, this wrap was easy to work with right from the get-go, and fantastically comfortable with my heavy preschooler with multiple passes.
I'm so happy to have this lovely Lisca, a flagship Didymos weave, in such a gorgeous, hefty colourway. While Sunrise wouldn't be my first choice for the tiniest newborn (because of bulk), it would certainly be a great choice for a novice wrapper, with different rails and such an ease of tightening. Great for bigger babies and toddlers. Superb wrap!!

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