Didymos Teviot Wool Woven Wrap

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The famous Teviot woolie is back in very limited quantities!

Four years ago, Didymos acquired special wool from Scotland to create the lovely Teviot wool woven wrap. Today, we are pleased to see its re-release as Teviot 2014.

The lower wool content allows this wrap to have the cush and coziness of wool, without feeling bulky or prickly.


70% cotton

30% wool

220 gm2

October 18, 2014
Anthracite, White, Natural
Fabric Blend:
70% Organic Cotton, 30% Wool
Fabric Weight:
220 g/m²
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Customer Reviews

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Baxter S. B.S. Baxter S.

Teviot is my first woolie and it's love!!! It's much easier to care for than I originally heard and wraps like a dream. It's grippy but not too much. Passes go into place without much fight and stay put. It feels thin in hand but wraps thicker with nice cush. After a bath it softened up more than I expected and is breaking in very well with use. Teviot is a perfect match for my heater baby!!

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