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Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano Wool Cover
Diva Milano

Diva Milano Wool Cover

$75.00 USD

A Diva Milano babywearing wool cover is a great solution for cold days when you want special warmth for you and your baby while babywearing. The cover is sewn of 80% wool, its special construction protects a baby from cold, rain and wind. It can be used with a sling in front and back carries. 

Using adjustment cords on sides of the cover you can adjust it for the baby's age, so the cover can be used with both newborns and kids up to 86cm (34 inches) high. Adjustable straps around baby's head and neck and an elastic band at the bottom of the cover provide great protection against wind and cold.

The cover has adjustable back straps so that it can be worn by any babywearer. The cover straps have buckles so that you can put it even with a sleeping baby. 

The Diva Milano babywearing cover is made from sheep wool fabric - warm, water-resistant and nice looking.

A big pocket in front of the cover creates a double fabric layer on a baby's back to create special warmth, and can be used to keep babywearer's hands.

The cover has a hood which can be rolled and fastened with a button, to be used as a baby's head support.


20% polyester fleece- for added softness

80% wool

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amy M.
Great product and equally great customer service!

So happy with the carrier cover! It’s beautifully made and kept baby and I very warm and cozy since my jacket doesn’t close over the both of us. Delivery was super quick and Maggie was lovely to do business with.

Nancy Sullivan
Cozy cover for Ergo/Boba etc

We love this baby carrier cover we just received. Baby feels cozy out and about in our Vermont winter temps. It’s easy to throw on quickly. Shipping was very fast.


i was hoping the wool would be super soft, but it's got some prickle to it

Catherine K.
toasty warm

I'm loving this cover for babywearing in the winter. Here in NH we have a long and cold winter, so this enables me to keep wrapping and walking outdoors. I like the fact that if I get warm hiking uphill I can take my coat off and this cover still keeps the baby warm. It's quick to put on and quite adjustable.