Exclusive Girasol Atlas Woven Wrap

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In Greek mythology, Atlas is known for bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. Babywearers know this feeling quite well! Our new exclusive Girasol Atlas woven wrap celebrates the honor we all share in carrying our little ones with us, wrapping our adorable burdens in a gorgeous spectrum of heavenly colors.

While seeking to name this wrap, we asked ourselves what places around the world were painted in these colors. We quickly realized that at different times of day and year, these colors are found everywhere! And the maps that connect us all are bound up in an atlas, just as we bind our babies snuggled up against us using woven wraps. Having these two wonderful metaphors in one name was too good to be true!

The Atlas is woven in both the new cross twill (307 g/m2) and standard weave (208 g/m2) in a turquoise weft.

Handwoven with a turquoise weft.

100% cotton

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