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Newborn Stash and Thin Wraps

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on February 03 2014

The two questions I get the the most are: "Would this be good for a newborn?" and "What is a good wrap for the heat?"

This summer I will be having a summer squish. Yay! But wait, I live in South Alabama and it's really gross in the summer. Oh no!! So I've begun hoarding and collecting newborn wraps obsessively. I think I have come up with a good variety that will work well for my climate and with a newborn. Some of these will be easier to find than others, but I would say most are fairly attainable. I should first go over the qualities that make a wrap good for a newborn. With a small newborn you want something soft, moldable, floppy, and fairly thin. Thicker wraps require more work to tighten and wrap. Thinner wraps tend to be more moldable and floppy, making it much easier to tighten those passes. Smaller babes require quite a bit of tightening, so less grippy, floppy, thin and sooooooft are really great qualities to look for. Incidentally, these are pretty similar qualities for wraps that are great in the heat as well. With the exception of a few, I think all would be suitable with toddlers as well. Rose Silk Indio v2 is very, very thin and I would not advise someone with a larger toddler to use this wrap. Baby and newborn, yes; toddler, not ideal. I need to retract that last sentence. I assumed because Rose Silk Indio was so incredibly thin that there was no way I would like it with my 33 lb 3 year old. Boy was I mistaken. This wrap is incredibly moldable, soft and thin, and it made the most lovely ruck despite its thinness.



Wraps in Action

Thinner Woven Wrap Action Shots for Newborns

1. Oscha Kinomi Grad size 2: Rebozo Carry with a Slip Knot (100% linen, 73 cm wide, 256 gm2)

2. Easycare Rainbow #1 size 4: Front Wrap Cross Carry tied in back (100% cotton, 70 cm wide,  211 gm2)

3. Rose Silk Indio Version 2 size 2: Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry with Slip Knot (70% cotton, 20% tussah silk, 63 cm wide,186 gm2)

4. Sakura Bloom Simple Linen Ring Sling in Caribbean (double layer 100% Linen) or Sakura Bloom Pure Linen Ring Sling (single layer 100% linen)

5. Diva Milano Veneziano Azzurro size 6: Front Wrap Cross Carry (100% cotton, 75 cm wide, 214 gm2)

6. Didymos Black Hemp Pfau size 5: Front Cross Carry (60% cotton, 40% hemp, 66 cm wide, 221 gm2)

7. Oscha Paradise Erraid size 4: Front Wrap Cross Carry tied in the back (60% cotton, 40% linen, 70 cm wide, 205 gm2)

8. Didymos Blue Linen Pfau size 3: Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry with a slip Knot (50% cotton, 50% linen, 66 cm wide 242 gm2)

9. Didymos Inka size 3: Ruck Tied at Shoulder with a Candy Cane Chest Belt (100% cotton, 63 cm wide, 229 gm2)


Obviously these are just a small sampling of the wraps I think that would be great for newborns. There are many many many many more wraps that would be wonderful such as the Diva Milano linen, the Didymos Helsinki Indio, Hoppediz Light, Wrapsody Bali BreezeBara Barn wraps, and Didymos Lavanda Sky wrap. I think most Indios would be great, and I'm tempted to get one. I think the Dark Blue Indio, Sea Breeze Indio, Penelope Indio,  Ultramarine Indio and Odyssey Indio all would be wonderful. Didymos Jan and Cleo  are other great summer weight wraps.  I also love the Didymos Double Face Emerald and Double Faced Lawrence wraps for newborns. They are quite thin.  Didymos Jeans Viola is another very thin wrap. It reminds me of linen- very thin and very sturdy, but will soften up nicely with use. And of course the Didymos Verzasca Waves will be wonderful, and I cannot wait until it gets here. Adding another wonderful summer weight wrap to the mix, Natibaby Golden Hemp Feathers. These are estimated to weigh around 200 gm2, so thin and moldable, and we already know that Natibaby cotton is very very soft.


- Maggie



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