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Tying Together Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Written by Neve Spicer


Posted on October 05 2018

Babywearing parents don’t need science to tell them that carrying their child is awesome.

For millennia we have known through experience that this ancient parenting practice soothes our infant and encourages bonding. It’s doesn’t require research to see how incredibly convenient it is to free up our hands, or that it’s easily the most effective way to navigate stairs, public transport, or a busy sidewalk.

Okay, so we don’t need science, but let’s be honest: it’s mighty satisfying when it backs us up. And let’s face it, as babywearing advocates, we all come across cynics who think it’s just a “crunchy mom thing”. In this situation, it can be handy to have a few studies at your fingertips. Especially as there is a wealth of academic research providing solid, evidence-based support for babywearing.

So, in the spirit of uniting modern science and ancient wisdom, here is a list of 23 research-backed benefits of babywearing:

So there we go: ancient wisdom and modern science do play nice.

And there’s more good news. There is a wave of new baby-carrying studies taking place right now. In fact, this is becoming something of a hot research topic, so don’t be surprised to see babywearing gain more traction in mainstream health and social care over the next few years. Definitely something to celebrate.

If you’d like to dive deeper into these studies, then head over to WeTheParents. They created the infographic (above) to mark International Babywearing Week which takes place from 1 - 9 October.

So keep slingin’ those babies, mammas. We all know it’s awesome, but it’s good to know that science has our back!



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