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House Samples

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on February 05 2014

Have you stumbled across the phrase "house samples" in our store, and wondered just exactly what that means? House samples are perfectly wonderful wraps that are slightly discounted in price because they've been previously washed and used for marketing photos or reviews. I feel that it's important for me to test new wraps post-washing to get an accurate representation of how they will perform after you've begun to break-in your wrap after purchase. Wraps can change so much after the first wash--it can be really hard to know a wrap's true support and comfort by simply feeling the wrap prior to its initial washing.

Purple Elm Baby House Samples

Purple Elm Baby's house samples are all in excellent, gently used condition, washed and then tried on once or twice, folded and put back in their box. Some people even prefer buying a house samples, since the work of doing the first wash has already been done, and the wrap is ready to wear on arrival.

If you're interested in any of our current house samples, match the numbers in the photo collage above to the wraps in the list below. There's usually just one house sample available per wrap, so if one of these catches your eye, make sure you act fast before someone else claims it first! Please be sure to choose 'house sample' from the product size drop-down menu.

1. Didymos Sliver Linen Indio 4.2 m

2. Didymos Firebird Pfau 3.6 m

3. Didymos Inka 4.6 m

4. Didymos Pink Wool India 2.7 m

5. Didymos Sea Breeze Indio 3.6m

6. Didymos Emerald India 3.6 m

7. Didymos Cornflower Hemp Indio 3.6 m

8. Didymos Lavanda Sky 4.6 m

9. Didymos Lisca Pastell 2.7m

As always, feel free to call or send me an email if you have any questions!




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