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New Girasol Cross Twill Review

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on March 17 2014

So the new Girasol Cross Twills are here and they are pretty thick! If you haven’t heard, Girasol has started using double-thread wefts to make thicker, denser more toddler-worthy wraps.  These wraps are weighing in at 307 gm2, compared to their regular twill weave at around 208 gm2. They’re also just a hair wider: 72 cm vs 70 cm for the regular twill.

These new Cross Twill weaves make an excellent toddler-worthy ring sling.  I had my 33-lb 3-year-old in a ring sling for 20 mins and it felt wonderful! It’s nearly impossible for me to find a ring sling supportive enough to call 33 pounds “comfortable.” I also played with a shorty for a bit, and found it to be much cushier than Girasol’s regular twill weave. It has much less give then a regular twill weave, making it feel very very solid.

Because these woven wraps and ring slings are denser and thicker, they require a little more work when wrapping. Do not expect these to be like the usual soft, floppy, moldable Girasols that are very soft right out of the bag. The double-weft threads will be adding quite a bit of density and stiffness, so they’ll need time to relax. They also seem to wrap a smidge shorter because of their thickness. While they’re not as moldable, they are MUCH sturdier.

Right now (mid-March), the only carriers we have in this new Cross Twill are the Girasol Boy or Girl Rainbow Woven Wrap and the Girasol Boy or Girl Rainbow Ring Sling. But keep your eyes peeled as we plan to add more new Cross Twills soon…   

-- Maggie







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