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Lending Library Giveaway Winner

Written by Frank Stickney


Posted on March 20 2014

Alright, the winner of our first babywearing group lending library giveaway is... Babywearers of the Midlands!

If any of you out there are members of this group, please have your group leader contact us soon so you can receive your new Feathers wrap. Congratulations!

And many, many thanks to all of you group members but especially your group leaders, who have been very helpful and patient with us as we figure out all the ins and outs of this new little program. Remember, this is a bi-annual drawing, so we'll be giving away another carrier on the Fall Equinox. And don't forget to let your other members know that if they haven't already gotten their 15% discount, they can still sign up using the babywearing group form and we'll send them a code as soon as we can!

Babywearing groups are AWESOME, so, keep it up everyone, you play an important role in our community!



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