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Diving Into Wovens

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on March 17 2015

Ok, so you want to take the plunge into woven wraps are you aren't sure where to start. Sound about right?


It can be hard to focus with so many pretties distracting you, right? Now you know how I feel! It's impossible to get anything done around here... heehehehehee

There are a few things I will touch on that will hopefully make this a little easier for you and anyone else you know that's interested in getting started with woven wraps:


Woven Wrap Sizes

Woven wraps come in a variety of sizes that are going to give you the opportunity to do a variety of carries. The longer the wrap, the more carries you will be able to do. Most people start off with a long wrap first (size 4.6 m or 5.2 m), because Front Wrap Cross Carry is the most basic carry. Most need a 4.6 m wrap to do this carry. Some smaller moms can do it with a 4.2 m, and some larger moms may need a 5.2 m. If you aren't sure, size up; having extra "tail" isn't so bad. For more explanation on sizes and carries, here is our size guide and list of popular carries.


Not all people like all fibers. Some love cushy woolies, some find them prickly; some love linen, some find it hard; some think hemp is the most supportive fiber, and some think silk is. You will get different answers from everyone you ask because, well, we are all different. And let's not forget that wrapping changes as your baby changes and grows.  I generally recommend an all-cotton wrap for your first wrap for this reason. Cotton is pretty easy to like, and the easiest to care for. And it's the most affordable. And I am not psychic. Well, I am a little, but it helps to have a picture or have something of yours in my hands. 

Ok, so now that you have your size sorted out and your fiber/blend you are ready to start. But wait, there are a million all-cotton wraps! Which one should I get?

Honestly, it's really up to you. I'd get the one you think is the most beautiful and I'm sure you will rock it. Wraps are amazing, and they are all different, which can make things hard when it comes to choosing, but that's also the fun part. And let's not forget that most important part of the equation: your baby. No matter what, this first wrap will be amazing, cause it will be helping you hold your baby. Let's try not to over-think it, and take a simpler approach. I do usually recommend a thinner wrap for beginners, nothing too beastly, as that can be really frustrating for a beginner. You will be sweaty enough trying to wrangle your baby and this wild fabric, you don't need any added heft. Getting a nice, snug wrap-job is really the best. You will feel better with the baby wrapped up closer to your body. A loose top rail can make your shoulders and neck very sore. And because I know you will ask, here is a list of wraps that I generally recommend for first-time wrappers:


Recommended Wraps for First-Time Wrappers


Didymos has been weaving wraps since 1972, so they know a thing or two about wraps and how to make an amazing wrap. They also use 100% organic cotton, so most of their wraps wash incredibly well.
And the same goes for all the other cotton Liscas: Lisca Jeans, Lisca Natural, Lisca Raspberry, Lisca Obsidian, Lisca Achat...

Diva Milano

Really any of the Diva Milano wraps would be great. Their thinner ones are older and are really just AMAZING wraps. Diva Milano uses high quality Eqyptian cotton which is what makes their wraps so amazing. How do you know if its a thinner one or not? Well up until 2015 all their wraps were thinner, but then they began doubling the warp. So they should say the g/m2 on the product listing. If it says 300 g/m2 then that is a thicker newer wrap, anything before this should be around 200 g/m2.
Diva Milano Veneziano Fresco ( linen, but still very very soft)


I recommend Girasol's Standard Twill Weave woven wraps. The double weft is a bit intense, and for first-time wrappers I worry that this might be too thick, so save the double wefts for ring slings for now.


Storchenwiege wraps are for beginners that don't mind a little work to break them in. Leos are some of my favorite wraps, but they need a little elbow grease to soften up. Once they are there, they are amazing!!!


Many of the Natibaby wraps we have currently are on the thicker side but here are some suggestions for ones that would be good. It looks like a lot of these are sold out, but who knows we may be getting more.


We just partnered up with Tekhni and released our very first collaboration Saffron Chloris, but we have another one headed to us soon: Chloris. These all cotton wraps are very easy to use and soften up quickly. We are loving the way these wrap and think you will too.

Bb Slen

These are wonderful wraps wraps that are very soft and easy to wear and wrap with. They are a little wider then  some of the other brands which gives you a little more padding on the shoulders.

Washing Your First Wrap

Before you even consider washing your new wrap, take a close look and make sure it's the one you meant to order! You cannot wash and wear your wrap and then return it. It's important to check first to make sure you received the item you ordered, as well as whether there are any major flaws in the wrap. Only after you are sure that you received the right wrap, it has no problems and you intend to keep it should you wash your wrap. Please keep in mind that many woven (and especially handwoven) wraps have tiny "imperfections" that do not indicate any problems with the wrap's structural integrity. Those in the know refer to them as "slubs" and "nubs." But it's obviously important to distinguish those from true broken threads, severe pulls, etc. follow the washing directions. More answers to questions about handwoven imperfections, washing your wrap and more can be found on our FAQ page.




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