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25% Off Sale on Girasol Calypso!

Written by Frank Stickney


Posted on February 16 2015

Who's ready for a quick sale?!?

To celebrate Mardi Gras, Presidents' Day, Valentine's Day and whatever other holidays you've got goin' on, we're having a 2-Day Sale on all Girasol Calypso woven wraps and ring slings!

Load up all the Calypsos you want into your cart, and enter discount code CALYPSO at checkout for your big fat 25% OFF discount. And that's no myth. ;)

This sale price is limited to Monday and Tuesday only (ends at midnight Tuesday 2/17 CST) and does not apply to Calypso purchases made before or after this sale.

Don't forget to fax the news to all your babywearing mamas, because the clock's ticking on this sweet deal and you'd hate to leave your friends out in the cold...

Head over to the Calypso collection now!



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