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UPDATE: Where is my Nebula and when will it ship?

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on February 16 2015

So many people can't wait to get their Nebula wraps, and we don't blame them! They are pretty amazing. We can't always get tNatibaby Nebula Woven Wrapo every question right away so here's an overview of the situation.

Our last six boxes of Nebulas have shipped from Poland. Our most recent tracking info shows that four of them are in U.S. customs, either in Chicago or NYC. Customs is a tricky beast. Occasionally packages get flagged (paperwork issues, waybills falling out, etc.), and customs officers look at our wraps and think: "What the freak are these amazing things?!" So they take their sweet time to contact us, and we do our best to get them out as quickly as possible. But often, our packages breeze on through without a glitch. 

When the packages arrive at our Post Office, we rush back home to pack up all the orders based on the content of the box, starting with the people who have waited the longest. Those orders will be shipped out within two hours of our getting a Natibaby shipment. One box might just contain one or two wrap sizes, and no ring slings. Another box might be just ring slings. So while you might see your friends getting their wraps or slings while you anxiously await yours to arrive, please remember that we do our very best to be fair, and we can only ship what we receive.

It's hard to predict an exact arrival time for these remaining shipments, but I suspect we should get a few boxes this week (2/16-2/21), if not all four. And hopefully the last two will be right on their heels.

So for now: thank you for your continued patience and understanding! We are hopeful that everyone will have their Nebulas by the end of this month. Keep your fingers crossed!





  • Great explanation! Thank you! I can’t believe you ship out within 2 hours of receipt from Natibaby. Your commitment to getting our orders out asap is seriously impressive.

    Posted by cate | February 17, 2015
  • Your customer service is top-notch! ❤️

    Posted by Livia | February 16, 2015
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