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Natibaby Safi and Safi Plage Side by Side Comparison

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on April 11 2015

Exclusive Natibaby Safi Plage Woven Wrap action shotExclusive Natibaby Safi and Safi Plage comparison

 Exclusive Natibaby Safi Woven Wrap action shot

Our two new Natibaby Safi exclusives are so different from each other, I thought a side by side comparison of these two fabulous wraps was in order.

First, the most obvious differences: Safi Plage is a tri-weave, three-color wrap, while the original Safi is a two-color wrap. Plage is woven with the same exact colors as Safi but with a bonus layer of white, softening the colors quite a bit by making them less vibrant. The fiber content is a bit different, too. Plage is woven with 50% linen, compared to Safi with only 30% linen. But don't assume that the higher linen content means an uncomfortable wrap! Plage is still quite soft--I'm really amazed that, despite the high linen content, Safi Plage doesn't have the hardness of other linens. Plage is a little bit narrower; I think the texture ate up some of the width. Plage has some crazy stretch, though, so I wouldn't worry too much about the width.

Ok, time for stats! Both wraps are measuring quite long, which I'm happy with... it just means I didn't shrink them. YAY Maggie! Plage is thicker and cushier, with quite a bit of texture. Soft, bumpy texture. Actually, it reminded me of a thick Indio. Plage is coming in at 295 g/m2. It feels pretty light to me, and cushy. Really, really surprised.

Safi is much thinner and flatter then Plage. Really there is no texture at all, so it's not as cushy and not quite as soft... but, we suspect it will get soft pretty quickly once broken in. Safi is weighing 235 g/m2 post-wash.

And finally I'd just like to say both the Safi and Safi Plage have a second side that is equally as beautiful as the reverse. Notice how I didn't say wrong side--that's because there is no wrong side to these two beauties! So there you have it: two great wraps that, despite similar appearances are really pretty different from one another.



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