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Which Sakura Bloom Should I Get?

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on May 21 2015

Sakura Bloom makes some of my absolute favorite ring slings. They have quite a few options, though, which can make choosing one quite a challenge. Most people want to know which of Sakura Bloom’s slings is the coolest when it’s hot outside, and which one is the most supportive. I’ll try to break them down in the simplest way to make choosing a little easier.

Which Sakura Bloom ring sling is the most supportive?

This question can be pretty hard to answer because of how subjective it is. What feels supportive to one person might feel too constrictive to another. But when support is a high priority, most people prefer either a double-layer linen or a silk sling.

Silk, or their newer line Gradients are really amazing with big kids. Double linens like the Chambray and Simple Linen are very, very strong. Simple Linen can be a little hard to manage at first because it can be a bit stiff at the start, but after a wash and a few wears it will relax and offer rock-solid support. Chambrays are not as heavy or dense as the Simple Linen, but still really great for bigger babes.

As Lucy has gotten bigger (I think now at 18 months she is around 24 lbs) I am reaching for the silks more and more and using my classics less often. The silks are incredibly light weight, almost feel as though you have nothing on, but when she is in it, its solid, and grippy and so STRONG. I have to say the weightlessness of the silk sling really is such a breath of fresh air.I'm a pretty casual person, so it took me a little while to get comfortable with the silks, but I have to say, they are worth it.

People will ask about how easy they are to care for. And I honestly don't wash my slings all that often. I spot treat ( with diluted Blue Dawn)  if we get something on it, and hand wash in the tub/ sink with Eucalan every so often. Hang to dry, out of direct sunlight, and iron on the silk setting after. If you are looking for something for your heavy toddler go with the Silk or Theory.

Which sling is best for the heat?

Well, what kind of heat? Regular summer heat, or 100 degrees and 100% humidity? I think most of Sakura Bloom’s slings will feel fine even on the hottest days. But if you are in a super duper-hot climate and want something really light and thin, I'd suggest a Gradient or a Classic. Silks are great for heat, and many people swear by them. I wore mine on a recent day when it was 86 degrees with only 60% humidity, and it was really cool. I do think once you get to the triple-digits and the humidity is insane, you just have to go with what feels right for you. For me, that's linen. Single-layer linen. If you have a larger baby or toddler and want something light and cool without sacrificing support, you cannot go wrong with either double layer linen, silk or Theory.

How are the Sakura Bloom lines different from each other?

With so many different Sakura Bloom ring sling lines, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Here's a quick rundown of the different lines:

Sakura Bloom Classic

Classics were released in the Fall of 2014 as a more sturdy and supportive answer to the company’s discontinued single-layer linens called Pures. With a more robust linen, the sturdy, medium-weight Classics are heavier and toothier than the Pures, but don’t let that scare you! These slings get incredibly soft with time. My Maple Classic started out like sandpaper, but now it’s so wonderfully soft it is quite possibly my favorite ring sling. It is the perfect weight too. I love that it functions beautifully for both newborns and toddlers.

Sakura Bloom Shabd Shibori

These are Classic ring slings that have been hand-dyed for a beautiful, unique look. These were a limited edition and are currently sold out.

Sakura Bloom Chambray

These are double layer of a very fine, light linen. After a wash the Chambray becomes extremely soft and smooth. They’re not as textured as the other Sakura Bloom linens. (The polar opposite would be a Gradient, which is the most textured of all the slings.)

Sakura Bloom Gradient


They are still very light and strong, but they have been pre washed and dried a few times and they are INCREDIBLY soft and smooth. They are the softest out of the box then any of the slings I have felt. Softer then Theory. These are a great choice for someone needing a great sling in the heat or if they live in a very warm climate. 


******These slings are just a very thin single layer of fabric, yet they feel incredibly sturdy and very supportive. I suspect that’s because of the grip and texture, but that’s just a guess. They feel thinner than the Classics, but are a bit rough, so be warned: this is not the sling for you if you are wanting soft and buttery. I’ve been using mine for a few months and it's not rough anymore, but still has quite a bit of texture. If you want a smooth texture I’d suggest a Silk, Classic or Chambray instead.******

Sakura Bloom Simple Linen

Sakura Bloom has re-released their Simple linens with a few adjustments and they are wonderful!! They are a little bit thinner and lighter then their previous Simple Linens, much easier to manage and not as heavy. Are they still very supportive? You betcha. I have been using it almost exclusively since it arrived because its really ideal for hot climates (we are still in the 90's) and it's still very supportive with my toddler. Lucy is 2 and currently weighs around 27 lbs, and is around 33" tall. If that helps you. I love the matte gold rings. The new Simple Linen reminds me of a sturdier, grippier more textured Chambray.

Sakura Bloom Essential & Simple Silk

Both of these slings are made from two layers of duponi silk. Very strong with solid support, most people prefer these for carrying their heavy toddlers, but they are wonderful with newborns as well. If you are looking to buy one sling that will last you from birth to toddler years this one is the ticket.  Essentials and Simple Silk slings are incredibly lightweight, smooth and ultra luxurious.

Sakura Bloom Theory

These new thicker bamboo blended ring slings are very popular for heavy babies as well as with newborns. We have a extensive blog post written by our guest blogger Joy Crampton here.  

Wrap Up

So just to recap:  The most supportive slings are the Theory and the Silks, though the double linen comes next, then the Gradients, then the Classics. There are times when having something cooler is more important then being the most supportive. I know I've had this experience. So that should be enough info to get you started down the Sakura Bloom road! But if you get lost in the options and need a hand, drop me a line and I'll try to help get you back on track. Once you find the right Sakura Bloom sling for you, it'll be a friend for many a babywearing adventure.










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    Posted by Neetika | June 18, 2018
  • My husband got me gradient in rock last Mother’s Day. I love the look of this sling, but not the feel. It is very rough! I keep washing it to try and soften it up but it hasn’t helped much. I still use it but not for any length of time as it leaves marks in my 5wk old’s poor little legs. It does its job but just isn’t super comfy for baby. I purchased another sling recently and will probably just store this one until my gal gets a little older or it’s winter and she has more layers of clothes to protect her. Definitely disappointed with my purchase. ?

    Posted by Brooke | September 02, 2017
  • I just want to say a quick thanks for this article! It was really helpful and definitely helped me pick out two slings based on your input about support and temperature—which were my exact questions! Many thanks for helping all of us baby wearing mamas :-)

    Posted by Courtney | March 16, 2017
  • Am I reading this correctly that at 25+ pounds that one should really look to a silk rather than a gradient or chambray linen?

    Posted by A-L | June 26, 2016
  • How does the silk do with staining/blowouts? I currently have classic maple for my 15 lb 3 month old and thinking about a silk for a second sling.

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  • Tara- im sorry, im just seeing this comment. Please email me:
    and i will discuss these in more detail.

    Posted by maggie | September 12, 2015
  • Hi! I am trying to figure out which sling to get and I am overwhelmed lol. I have a 3month old but I plan on having more children so I was thinking the black currant chambray but I wante something easy to work with (never had a sling before) but I don’t want it to be too hot so not sure if I should just go with the classic linen. I was thinking maybe the silk too but I heard mixed reviews about it being stiff and only a special occasion kind of sling not like an everyday sling…. so many choices! ugghh haha :) any advice?

    Posted by Tara | September 01, 2015
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