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Travel Stash: Trip to NYC

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on August 05 2015

Ok, we have all been there, right? Obsessing over what wraps/carriers to pack for a trip. It was a short trip for us to NYC (5 days), but we were going to be walking a ton and taking the subway, which meant tons of carrying and no stroller. The travel days themselves involve a lot of carrying, too. We have to take two planes from AL to NY, which can take us around 9 hours on a good day with no delays. So I was really having a hard time deciding what carrier would do the trick for the travel days. I also prefer to have something without buckles, as those tend to dig into my sides when I sit. I struggled with what to bring, but finally settled on this:

2 mid size wraps, 1 base size wrap, 1 ring sling and 1 mei tai.

I decided to use the BB Tai for the travel days and bring a ring sling in my carry-on just in case. I was not disappointed. At all. The BB Tai was amazing!!! It felt great all day. And I didn't have any sore spots or digging the entire time.

What carriers could I not live without on this trip? I'd say the mei tai and the ring sling, hands down. I was surprised at how much I loved the mei tai. It was perfect for the airplane and wearing all day—I wouldn't have to re-tie or adjust even after hours of wearing. There were days where I was wearing Lucy and walking for 5-6 hours and it was AWESOME. So my most-used carrier on this trip was the mei tai. Easily. I wasn't expecting to love it so much. 

What made the BB Tai so loveable? To begin with, it felt amazing. It is sooooo comfortable. The BB Tai straps are the widest wrap straps in a mei tai that I have tried. They measure just under 14". Compare that to the Diva Milano Essenza mei tai, which has wrap straps that measure 9". The wide wrap straps really made this carrier super comfortable because of all that added support.

Another awesome feature? The adjustable hood. This hood was very easy to tighten and loosen, and held my baby's head in place when she was sleeping. When she needed to go to sleep, it provided a nice dark hole to hide in. I love this hood!!

The BB Tai looked pretty sleek, too. I was surprised at how handsome it looked with virtually every outfit. The colors are definitely my colors, so that helps.

Bonus points: the straps are black, which means you can't see dirt on them! AWESOME. They are pretty large too. The panel measures 20.5" tall, and 17.5" high without the waistband. For perspective that is the same height as a toddler Tula.

So if you are looking for a new mei tai, I highly recommend checking out the BB Tai. You'll be glad you did, whether you're on a big adventure, or just babywearing through an average day.



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