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Happy Baby Carriers: Why They're Flying Off Our Shelves!

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on May 02 2019

We've had these Happy Baby Carriers at Purple Elm Baby for about a month, and we can't keep them stocked! Why are people so in love with the Happy Baby Carrier? What makes it so unique? Keep reading...

Light as a Feather

Happy Baby Carriers are extremely lightweight--that makes them ideal for the heat, whether you’re in a year-round warmer climate or you’ve just got a couple warm/hot seasons. These carriers’ light weight also means they are soooo easy to pack! Look how little room it takes up in my Winter Water Factory Tote! These baby carriers don't have any waist padding, making them one of the most packable SSC's I've tried. Happy Baby wisely relies on linen for the fabric in their carriers--you'll find them in either 100% linen, or a 50% linen and cotton chambray mix. The difference between the material options is extremely subtle--not noticeable at all in terms of heat which I think matters most. The texture difference between the fabric choices seems a bit different at first, but after some wear I doubt you would be able to tell the difference. My Flax Happy Baby Carrier weighs 1 lb 1 ounce including the hood. (That is 9 ounces lighter then my Confetti Dot Tula.) For perspective my very thin single-layer Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling weighs 12.5 ounces.


Secret Sauce

Happy Baby doesn’t even market this super-cool hidden trick (yet?) which some slick babywearing mama discovered: you can stuff the entire carrier inside its hood pocket! Talk about packability! All snapped up, neat and tidy. Sooooo cool. Here is the video I made that shows you how to store it in its hood pocket:


I use my Happy Baby carrier so much that I haven’t really packed it away, so I can't say I use this feature a lot. But if you want to pack an extra carrier in your car, diaper bag or stroller for emergencies, the Happy Baby carrier’s hidden talent makes it the right choice.

The Catbird Seat

Because Happy Baby carriers don't have waist padding, they are much more comfortable when sitting down. Have any plane or train travel plans coming up? Treat yourself to a Happy Baby. School performances, sports events, weddings—anytime you’ll be sitting for extended periods, this carrier will be your savior! I relied on mine for a very long eye exam with my 9-month-old baby Mae and it was a HUGE help. The 8-9 month stage is a bit exhausting, and if I’m holding her without a carrier she lunges for the floor--NOT my favorite. My Happy Baby carrier allowed me to safely and comfortably reign in my baby throughout the long waits before and during that doctor visit.


Bye-bye Bulk

Despite how little padding Happy Baby uses, their carriers are extremely comfortable with much less bulk then many other SSCs. This feature is mostly aesthetic (which I take very seriously!) but I also think it improves the way you feel wearing your baby. The shoulder straps are very lightly padded, but wider than most, and somehow are still very, very comfortable. I originally thought this design would not work with heavier babies, but our recent Spring Break vacation proved me wrong: I wore my 9-months old Mae who was 21.5 lbs. at several events for over three hours and had no discomfort at all. 

Deep-Seated Emotions

Happy Baby carriers have an ‘apron style’ buckle which makes the seat (where your baby’s bottom sits) much more like a wrap or ring sling seat. I feel like this carrier’s waist style creates a seat similar to the carriers I prefer to SSCs. My favorite baby carriers are rings slings—I love how thin and slim they are, and how easy they are for me to use. Happy Baby carriers are a great choice if you’re a ring sling lover that needs a double-shoulder carrier for extended wearing. In the Happy Baby Carrier you can create a nice deep that I think adds to the comfort level for both you and your little one. 


Make Your Mummy Proud

Did you guys know that Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen? Since Happy Baby carriers are either mostly linen or 100% linen, they inherit everything that makes linen such an awesome fabric. Why is linen a ‘super fabric’? Some of linens amazing qualities: it’s breathable, absorbent, moisture-wicking, stain resistant, uv-blocking, insect repelling, antibacterial, antifungal, and environmentally friendly. Not to mention it’s a very durable material: linen is 30% stronger then cotton. Um, AWESOME!


Happy Baby's carriers have a hood that's stored within its pocket so you are never without it. This is a great feature for helping babies take a nap, or keeping the sun off them if you forgot their hat. The hood is also super easy to attach. 

Fashion Friendly

Happy Baby’s gorgeous selection of colors make it easy to match everything in your wardrobe. For example: on our recent trip, I had to pack clothes for three kids including a bunch of dressy dinners, special events and Easter. My brain couldn’t handle much more when it was time to pack for myself! So I decided to pack only neutral colored baby carriers. This is why I love my Flax! I wore it with everything including my pajamas and I felt like it matched–not that I really care if it matches my pajamas, but it was an added bonus. Might as well look great even when you’re not trying!

Bathroom Bonus

One more added bonus: when you are traveling with three (or more!) kids, having a carrier you can wear while going to the bathroom is REALLY amazing. It’s much easier for me to use the toilet while carrying my baby in this carrier. If your baby is asleep, you can hit the potty without waking them up! Nature calls while you’re on a plane with no one to hold your baby? Don’t worry, this carrier makes visiting even the teeniest bathrooms totally possible. So if you are traveling by yourself with your baby, a Happy Baby carrier will make the whole experience better.

Any one of these reasons would be enough to make these carriers worth buying, but the combination of all of these lovely aspects goes a long way towards explaining the powerful popularity of Happy Baby Carriers. Before you head over to the collection page to buy one, here are some Happy Baby carrier specs and measurements you’ll find helpful:

The panel height measures 16", not including the 4" waist when used as a standard aproned waist. You can shorten the height of the panel by about 2” if fold the waist in half, making it around 14" high--some of that height will be used up in the seat. 

The panel width when fully extended is 14" wide. The carrier allows for narrower adjustments using a panel cincher with three width settings:

  • Narrowest setting: 8"
  • Middle setting:10.5"
  • Last setting: 13"

Now that you're convinced, keep checking our site for the latest Happy Baby inventory additions--once you get one of your own, you can share YOUR list of favorite features!




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