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NatiGo Sizing: Helpful Specs and Comparisons

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on May 25 2017

If you're looking for help with the sizes for Natibaby's new NatiGo buckle carriers, you've come to the right place!

There are a lot of similarities between the NatiGo and Tula buckle carriers, so a good rule of thumb is: go with the size Tula you are wearing. If you are comfortable in the standard size Tula, the baby size NatiGo will work for you. (If you have a buckle carrier from another brand, don't worry--we've got help later in the post for you too.)

The NatiGo's are a little taller then the Tulas, but the headrests can be folded easily. My 3-year-old loves to burrow in and snuggle, so the higher panel is great for her. Also, because the baby size carrier is quite tall, it can last you a loooonng time.

I'll break down some key differences (and give you the specs, too):


NatiGo has dual-adjust strap clips. This makes it a more adjustable carrier. NatiGo straps adjust 7" smaller then the Tula. So if you are petite and need a carrier to fit your smaller frame, this aspect of the NatiGo will be great for you. The straps also can cross–another plus for petite or narrow-shouldered moms. (I would say that is the major difference between the NatiGo and Tula.)


Buckle Carrier Specs Comparison

I know not everyone has a Tula, so here I've pasted specs from other buckle carrier manufacturers to make your comparisons easier:


  • Standard 15" wide  by 16" high
  • Toddler 18" wide by 19" high


  • Standard 16" wide by 17" high
  • Toddler 18"wide by 19" high
  • Preschool 20" wide by 20"high

Lenny Lamb

  • Baby 13.78" wide by 15.75" high
  • Toddler 17.71" wide by 18.9" high

Natibaby NatiGo- comes in 3 sizes now!!!

  • Small Baby 14.5" by 15" high
  • Baby 15" wide by 16" high
  • Toddler 18"wide by 21" high

Need some help picking the buckle carrier thats that right size and fit for you and your baby? This will help you a bit, its a loose guideline, as kids are all different, but it might be helpful. If you need more help send us an email.

  • Small Baby 14.5" by 15"- fits well for 6 month- 1.5 years
  • Baby 15" by 17" - fits well for 1- 2.5 years
  • Toddler 18" by 21" - fits well for 2.5 years to 4+


 The padded section of the strap on the NatiGo carrier measures 14" in length.

While the straps are similar, NatiGo's have more padding.

The NatiGo waist is essentially the same as the Tula.

 (For reference: Lucy is almost 3-years-old and is 36" tall, 29 lbs.)

Hope this helps you pick the right carrier for you and your baby or toddler! But as always we are here to help answer any questions you have--just give us a shout, we'll help you out. :)





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