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Be a Spring Break Pro: Essential Babywearing Travel Tips

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on March 07 2018


Traveling for Spring Break? Let us help you with that! 

Whether you are driving or flying, wearing your baby will make the in's and out's of travel MUCH easier. I've put together a little list of things that I love to travel with that keep me sane and make travel days not just bearable, but pleasant! I'm sure they'll help you, too.

Just Plane Easy

Flying with kids means you need all the help you can get. I love to use a shorty/ mid size wrap or buckle carrier- DidyKlick, Tula Free To Grow, Boba or a Soul Slings onbuhimo in the airport and keep my baby in the carrier through security. They'll probably still give you a pat-down and swab your hands, but it's easier to keep the baby inside the carrier, promise. TIP: Make sure your carrier DOES NOT contain any metal. You can't wear ring slings through security, but you definitely should pack one for the plane where they can really be handy!

Meh Dais like the Girasol Mysol are great for planes, too. They do not have buckles, only ties so if the buckles irritate you while sitting maybe this would work better. 

Snuggle Up

Tula Blankets are a phenomenal travel accessory. They are lightweight, soft and perfectly packable blankets sized just right for travel. Plus they can double as a scarf if you are freezing on the plane! (Yes, I've actually done this.)

Soft Soled Shoes are really ideal for travel. They feel less like shoes, and more like bare feet with a little extra protection. Toes stay safe and cozy, but without the added bulk of shoes, so they're easy to pack and quick to slip on and off.

Beyond Babies

Tula Backpacks for older kids help keep their fun things (distractions!) in one place while making them feel really grown up walking though the airport. Win-win!

Momma's Got a New Bag

And how about a bag for mom? The Tekhni Oceania Chloris Hipsacks are fantastic for keeping your essentials close and giving your arms a break. Phone, keys, wallet, lipstick, paci or whatever. 

Head's Up

Don't forget a hat!! These hats from Urban Baby Bonnet are seriously the best. They keep my kids from getting sunburns and look soooooo ADORABLE. 

What else? SNACKS!! We don't sell snacks, but you should totally stock up on them. My kids basically eat the entire time we travel. I also love to get the small pocket-sized coloring books from the dollar section at Target!!

I hope these tips help you enjoy your next trip, whether it's Spring Break or any other adventure. Happy travels, everyone!!






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