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Girasol's Blue Ikat Ring Sling is the Cat's Meow

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on August 25 2012

Yes, the Girasol Blue Ikat Ring Sling is a dazzlingly patterned, deeply blue beauty of a baby carrier... 

"But what exactly is an ikat?" you may be wondering?  No, it's not an Apple product.  (After a little Googling we learned it's pronounced "ee-KAHT".)  Ikat is an ancient method of textile decoration, a kind of "resist dyeing" similar to tie-dyeing except that the threads themselves are dyed prior to being woven on a loom.  As you can see, the results of this technique are wonderful to behold, and even more wonderful to wear!  We could never fully express just how amazing the work of these Guatemalan artisans is, so we strongly advise you order one and see for yourself.  

Take a closer look at that photo and you'll notice one of our lovely nursing necklaces.  You don't need to be nursing to wear one of these,  as they come in handy for keeping your curious and restless toddlers occupied as you strut your stuff down the street like the babywearing bombshell you are... We've also snuck one of our brilliant little amber teething necklaces, too--I'd say that's a "hat trick"!

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