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Graphite Feathers Leave the Loom

Written by Frank Stickney


Posted on October 03 2013

We've been excitedly awaiting for updates on our very first exclusive woven wrap. Today, our good friends at Natibaby shared some photos of our new wraps hot off the looms, and we couldn't be happier!  Maggie's hand-drawn design has sprung to life in these woven threads. Have a look for yourself:

Now that we've seen actual photos of our very first in-house design, we're more fired up than ever about our future custom woven wraps and ring slings. It sounds like it'll be another week before these beauties nestle into their cozy boxes for shipment. And that means all of the smart cookies who pre-ordered their wraps and ring slings should be sporting their Graphite Feathers well before The Great Pumpkin arrives!

If you're wishing you'd gotten in on that pre-order right about now, well, you're going to want to keep a close watch on our Facebook page to see if we ordered any extras...










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