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Easycare No 25 Woven Wrap Preorder Has Begun

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on October 25 2012

Our new Easycare woven wraps are hot hot HOT, and if you haven't already gazed at them longingly, now's the time!  Their first wrap in our store, the Easycare Rainbow No 1, has generated a lot of buzz.

Well today's news is even more exciting: we've opened up our first ever preorders, and you can be among the first lucky owners of Easycare's No 25 woven wrap!  Check out the colorway:


Isn't it beautiful??  You gotta love the blend of natural earth tones.  These babies are still in the womb, so to speak, and we expect them to arrive at the end of December.  Here are the sizes and prices:

  • 2.3 m / $100.00
  • 3.7 m / $135.00
  • 4.2 m / $135.00
  • 4.7 m / $145.00
  • 5.2 m / $145.00

(Those aren't typos, and we were surprised too: different sized lengths priced the same.)

The preorder has begun, and runs until October 31st (spoooooky)...

Here's how it works: email and let us know what size wrap you want.  We'll send you an invoice for 35% of the total, and the remainder will be due when we receive the wraps.  Then we'll ship yours to you right away, and you'll find yourself or your baby getting kissed under the mistletoe snuggled up in this gorgeous wrap!

Excited?!?  Shout it loud, spread the news to all your babywearing peeps in all your favorite social network venues!  And thanks again, as always, for your love and support.

- Purple Elm Baby



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