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Tula Extenders: Truly Extensive

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on November 05 2012

We love the idea of multiple-use items, as you might have noticed.  (Remember this post about how Didymos doll slings make great scarves?)

Well we've got another way for you to get the most out of another item in our store--or in your own collection.  Our Free to Grow Tula Extenders work just as well on Boba 3G carriers as they do on the Tula carriers.  See?

Keep in mind, Boba doesn't sell any extenders for their soft structured carriers.  So we decided to get creative and give this a try.  Others have suggested these extenders work with the Ergo and possibly Becco carriers as well, but we haven't tested that ourselves... 

Carrier manufacturers usually build their products around average baby and child sizes, but we all know that babies and toddlers can vary quite a bit in their weight, torso height, and leg length.  Just looking at this photo, you can see that our little peanut's legs would be at a terrible angle for her hips if we were using this carrier without the extenders.  But the back panel is still plenty high enough, and she is well under the max weight capacity for the Boba 3G.  

So if you're trying to maximize the life of your soft structured carrier and only need to make sure your child is properly seated for healthy hip alignment, we think the Free to Grow Tula Extenders are a smart and cost effective way to do so.  Just be sure that the weight limits, back support, etc. are otherwise within the 'safety zone'... if in doubt, do your research, and contact us with any questions!  

Happy Toddlerwearing!

-Purple Elm Baby



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