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Didymos Shorty Wrap Scarf Tutorial

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on December 01 2012

Happy December, everyone!

We've been a little quiet lately, but we figured everyone could use a little family time around Thanksgiving...  

Our trip to NY was a cold one (compared to Alabama) and it reminded us of how wonderful scarves can be. So when we got home, we put together this little photo montage to demonstrate how to turn a size 2 ("shorty") woven wrap into a lovely, cozy scarf.

Didymos Juno Pfau Woven Wrap as scarf tutorial

This fantastic little woven wrap is one of our newest additions to the store: the Didymos Juno Pfau Woven Wrap, which is covered in beautiful peacocks! This baby carrier has broadened our German vocab, too--we learned that "pfau" is German for "peacock"... (Isn't it great how babywearing can expand your horizons?)

So if these cold Fall days are making you a little chilly beneath the ears, grab your favorite shorty wrap and give this a try. And if you need any help picking out the right wrap, just give us a holler!


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