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Buckle and Go with Tula Baby and Toddler Carriers

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on December 19 2012

Babywearing means different things to different people, which is why there is such an inventive energy behind all the types of carriers available.  For some, the quick convenience and adjusting ease of a soft structured carrier with buckles is the perfect combination.  And there's something fun about the look of a buckle carrier too--it reminds us of backpacks, hiking, and adventure!  

Gray Zig Zag Tula Toddler CarrierOur Tula baby and toddler carriers are a great choice for those who love soft structured carriers!  And besides the colorful, playful patterns already in our store, we're adding a new look: the Tula Gray Zig Zag baby and toddler carriers.

The gray and white chevron pattern is a real eye-catcher.  But there's a surprise inside--a bright yellow hood to give your little one a break from the outside world, or protect her from the elements.  We think the color splash from the hood makes this carrier sing!

 While we offer both Tula baby carriers and toddler carriers, keep in mind that you can extend the useful life of a baby buckle carrier with our $30 Free to Grow Tula Extenders.  That way you and your Tula can keep up with your quickly growing baby!  We even have extenders in gray, to match our new zig zag pattern.  And as we mentioned in a previous post, the extenders work on our Boba 3G carriers too.

The Gray Zig Zag should be available next week!

Merry Christmas everyone!  And happy babywearing...


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