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Flamenco Hemp Indio Version 1 and 2

Written by Maggie Stickney


Posted on May 31 2013

I received Flamenco Hemp Indio version 2 today, and boy was I excited to see that this one had some variation in the color! Version 2 is on top in the first image, and on the left in the second image; you can see it's a bit darker, and well, I love it!

Flamenco Hemp Indio Woven Wrap Version 1 & 2 Stacked     Flamenco Hemp Indio Woven Wrap Versions 1 & 2 Side by Side

Post-wash measurements are bringing this new wrap to a 289gm2, while version one was 312gm2--that surprised me a little. (Don't worry, I had someone check my math.)  

I didn't have much time with these two today, but I did notice that version 2 was more textured and not quite as smooth as my version 1. I'm not sure if that's because my version 1 is more broken in--we shall see. 

I should also mention that my version 2 is a size 6, while my version 1 is a size 3. Version 2 seems fluffier for sure.  

I had my 2.5 year old, 33 lb'er up for maybe 5 mins and I loved every second of it. Flamenco Hemp Indio version 2 is a solid wrap and feels wonderful on my shoulders.  As much as I love my first Flamenco Hemp Indio, I'm really loving the rich, deep color in my version 2.  This is the first 'double-whammy' in my stash, and though you'd think they were the same wrap, the differences between the two colors and weights makes the redundancy seem justifiable.



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